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Rushing Wind

So today was our second Sunday as a church. Rainy day, REALLY windy, my wife and I are ALL ALONE in the building. At 11:00, we hear the elevator – it’s Mr. N (bless God!). He wants to know where is everyone else (good question) and I, in faith, tell him that they’re probably on […]

Our first service is this Sunday!

Things are really moving now! Chairs are in place, light fixtures are in, and we have enough sound equipment to get started! It’s not our “Grand Opening” yet – but we can sing, pray, worship and hear God’s word preached and taught. Our first service will be this Sunday morning, March 23 at 11:00. Come […]

One Step Closer

Our chairs came in today! We still have to setup the keyboard, mixer and amplifier, but it’s all coming together. The fixtures have arrived for the track lighting. We’re just about ready for our first church service in Tokyo! God, the Creator, and our father, has SO much in store for us! More than we […]