Rushing Wind

rainSo today was our second Sunday as a church. Rainy day, REALLY windy, my wife and I are ALL ALONE in the building. At 11:00, we hear the elevator – it’s Mr. N (bless God!). He wants to know where is everyone else (good question) and I, in faith, tell him that they’re probably on their way, and that we’ll wait a bit.

Minutes add up, then the elevator stirs once again – one of the ladies made it! (I can’t help but note that our Japanese members are there before anyone else). I think about going ahead and starting service, but instead tell the “bad weather, people delayed story” again.

Patience pays off, and our family arrives (sans hubby, he’s in France). Well, praise God! We’re going to have service! – Halfway through the first song, EVERYONE ELSE shows up!

Great service, good altar call, the guys stayed and helped install lighting, the gals all went out to eat – I don’t know about you, but we call that CHURCH!


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