My first church service – What do I do?

If you’ve never been to a Christian church service before, don’t worry. It is actually very simple and very easy.

When you come into the church, you may sit down wherever you like (just like at a concert or at a theater). Find a comfortable spot and relax. There is water available at the Tea station, and there is a bathroom near the back.


Please sit wherever you like
Please sit wherever you like


When the service begins, the pastor will lead us in singing songs about God (called “praise” and “worship”). The words of the songs are projected on a screen, making it easy to follow along (a little like karaoke).



Then the pastor reads the prayer requests, and someone leads us in prayer.

Prayer requests


After prayer, we take a few minutes to greet each other (usually with a handshake), and then we sit down. We take an offering, and sing a song. There will be a few announcements.

The pastor will then give an inspirational presentation from the Bible (we call it “preaching a sermon”). At the end of the sermon, we will stand and sing a song. Then the pastor will pray, and the service ends.

Preaching a sermon
Preaching a sermon


Afterwards, everyone will relax and enjoy tea, coffee and snacks (all free).

Coffee, tea and snacks
Coffee, tea and snacks


See! Wasn’t that easy? Basically it is:

  1. Come in, sit down, relax
  2. Stand and sing songs
  3. Shake hands, then sit down
  4. Enjoy listening to the sermon
  5. Stand, sing
  6. After the closing prayer, go have some tea and snacks

So, we hope you will come visit us.

We are looking forward to meeting you.


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